Transformed – Teen Devotions – Archive 5

Year 5 of Transformed teen devotions.

Downloadable resources

20/20 Vision - See Jesus BetterDownload 
20/20 Vision - See Identity BetterDownload 
20/20 Vision - See Purpose BetterDownload 
20/20 Vision - See His Power BetterDownload 
Follow your heart to JesusDownload 
Unfollow the foolDownload 
So it didnt work outDownload 
Save it for the real thingDownload 
Death and lifeDownload 
Sin and graceDownload 
Take out the trashDownload 
Return and be renewedDownload 
Practice makes perfectDownload 
Filled With NeedDownload 
Filled With HopeDownload 
Filled With PraiseDownload 
Filled With the SpiritDownload 
Confronting monsters: DisappointmentDownload 
Confronting monsters: FearDownload 
Confronting monsters: EnvyDownload 
Confronting monsters: BitternessDownload 
Confronting monsters: DoubtDownload 
God and Gender: What's the Truth?Download 
God and Gender: Binary or a Spectrum?Download 
God and Gender: Identity CrisesDownload 
God and Gender: Satan's BaptismDownload 
Serving Christ boldly . . . in my familyDownload 
Serving Christ boldly . . . by being a good friendDownload 
Serving Christ boldly . . . by looking out for my neighborDownload 
Serving Christ boldly . . . within Christ's ChurchDownload 
A notification to noticeDownload 
The business of forgivenessDownload 
Life's not fairDownload 
How could a loving God send people to hell?Download 
God's good giftsDownload 
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