Transformed – Teen Devotion Archive 2

Year two of archived teen devotions.

Downloadable resources

God changes our labels and gives us a new nameDownload 
Jesus is a sign from GodDownload 
A Savior from a line of secret sinners to save sinners from their secretsDownload 
A King from sinners and for sinnersDownload 
A Savior from all nations for all nationsDownload 
Thank you, God, all the time.Download 
Thank you, God, for faith sharersDownload 
Thank you, God, for your suppot in lifeDownload 
Thank you, God, for your planDownload 
Why am I Lutheran? I hear the callingDownload 
Why am I Lutheran? I see the differenceDownload 
Why am I Lutheran? I want unityDownload 
Why am I Lutheran? I should've known betterDownload 
Why am I Lutheran? I was born this wayDownload 
Freedom from comparisonDownload 
Freedom from entitlementDownload 
Freedom from lonelinessDownload 
Freedom from worryDownload 
Best. Prayer. Ever - Deliver us from dEvilDownload 
Best. Prayer. Ever. - Lead us not into temptationDownload 
Best. Prayer. Ever. - Forgive us our sinsDownload 
Best. Prayer. Ever - Daily giftsDownload 
Best. Prayer. Ever. - YOUR will be doneDownload 
Best. Prayer. Ever. - YOUR kingdom comeDownload 
Best. Prayer. Ever - But how?Download 
Best. Prayer. Ever - Bold prayerDownload 
Best. Prayer. Ever - Refrigerator privilegesDownload 
Jesus: Our true heroDownload 
Elijah: Where is everybody?Download 
David: The beautiful sound of forgivenessDownload 
Moses: Don't hit the rockDownload 
Groaning for GloryDownload 
Oh the People You'll Meet - MissionariesDownload 
Oh the People You'll Meet - DoubtersDownload 
Oh the People You'll Meet - Blinded by GriefDownload 
Oh the People You'll Meet - Cross BearersDownload 
Oh the People You'll Meet - Truth SkepticsDownload 
The people you meet: There's no denying itDownload 
The people you meet: True valueDownload 
The people you meet: Fall downDownload 
The people you meet: Before and afterDownload 
The PersecutedDownload 
The PeacemakersDownload 
The MeekDownload 
The Poor in SpiritDownload 
Encountering Jesus - TrainingDownload 
Encountering Jesus - ShareDownload 
Encountering Jesus - Defining momentDownload 
Encountering Jesus - No distance too farDownload 
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