Transformed – Teen Devotion Archive 2

Year two of archived teen devotions.

Freedom from comparisonDownload 
Freedom from entitlementDownload 
Freedom from lonelinessDownload 
Freedom from worryDownload 
Best. Prayer. Ever - Deliver us from dEvilDownload 
Best. Prayer. Ever. - Lead us not into temptationDownload 
Best. Prayer. Ever. - Forgive us our sinsDownload 
Best. Prayer. Ever - Daily giftsDownload 
Best. Prayer. Ever. - YOUR will be doneDownload 
Best. Prayer. Ever. - YOUR kingdom comeDownload 
Best. Prayer. Ever - But how?Download 
Best. Prayer. Ever - Bold prayerDownload 
Best. Prayer. Ever - Refrigerator privilegesDownload 
Jesus: Our true heroDownload 
Elijah: Where is everybody?Download 
David: The beautiful sound of forgivenessDownload 
Moses: Don't hit the rockDownload 
Groaning for GloryDownload 
Oh the People You'll Meet - MissionariesDownload 
Oh the People You'll Meet - DoubtersDownload 
Oh the People You'll Meet - Blinded by GriefDownload 
Oh the People You'll Meet - Cross BearersDownload 
Oh the People You'll Meet - Truth SkepticsDownload 
The people you meet: There's no denying itDownload 
The people you meet: True valueDownload 
The people you meet: Fall downDownload 
The people you meet: Before and afterDownload 
The PersecutedDownload 
The PeacemakersDownload 
The MeekDownload 
The Poor in SpiritDownload 
Encountering Jesus - TrainingDownload 
Encountering Jesus - ShareDownload 
Encountering Jesus - Defining momentDownload 
Encountering Jesus - No distance too farDownload