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Kressin – Helpful Ideas for Teaching Sunday School

Teaching Sunday school is an awesome responsibility. It is the only opportunity that many children have to learn the Word of God. I believe we can have our students remember that learning about God’s love is a wonderful experience. Over the years I have watched shy kids blossom and sing in church, I have seen children who experience the death of a loved one be comforted from knowing God’s Word, and I have even watched a young man get confirmed this year who when he was little declared in his first Sunday school class that he didn’t believe in God.

In the summer of 2006 I asked several teachers to share their successful ideas on teaching Sunday school. I have put these responses together to share with other teachers. I think you will find this handbook helpful whether you are a new teacher or an experienced one. I would like to thank those teachers who contributed their ideas to help build a great Sunday school ministry team.

Yours in Christ,

Claudia Kressin